Friday, October 5, 2012

Story Telling: A Chatterboxes Parent’s Handout

When talking with your child as he or she tells you a story or relays an experience, try the following techniques and strategies:

When your child is trying to tell you a story, relieve his/her stress by sitting with your child and maintaining eye contact and interest. Be an active and interested listener!

Cue your child in to the sequence of the story e.g. 'That sounds great! Now, tell me again, what happened first? Then what happened? What happened at the end?'

If your child goes off at a tangent, keep bringing her/him back to the topic e.g. 'Hang on, what happened after you did...?'

Ask your child specific questions e.g. 'Tell me what happened when you first got to school?' rather than 'What happened at school today?'

Lead your child's story e.g. 'And after Mrs. Smith said hello to the new boy, she said...?'

Use the first sound to help your child find the correct word if he/she is struggling e.g. 'a ssss sound...' for a word starting with 's'

Correct your child by giving a choice of 2 words e.g. 'Did you mean he threw the ball, or he caught the ball?'

Give your child the opportunity to retell their story to a new listener (e.g. Dad, then Grandma). This allows them to practice and improve their story-telling skills with familiar material.

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