Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2.5 to 3 Years Communication Milestones

By the age of 2.5, a child should be able to demonstrate the following communication milestones:


• Understands the use of objects; for example:
•  Show what you use to cook food or Show me what you watch.
•  Show me what you can ride or Show me what you wear on your feet
  Understands part/whole relationships, for example:
  The wheel on the bike
•  The tail of the cat
  Understands descriptive concepts, such as “big” “wet” and  “little”
  Follows 2 step related and unrelated commands, without cues:
  Get the cup and give it to me
  Take off your coat and hang it up.


  Uses Plurals, such as “horses” or “blocks” or “babies.”
  Combines 3+ words in spontaneous speech.
  Answers “What” and “Who” Questions
  Uses Verb + ing.
For example, “The girl is playing.”
  Uses a variety of nouns, verbs, modifiers and pronouns in spontaneous utterances.
Uses prepositions
  Understands the concepts of one vs. all. For example,
  Give me just one block.
  Put all of the blocks in the box.


  Performs longer sequences of play activities
  Acts out familiar routines
  Pretends to perform the caregiver/parent routines.

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