Friday, August 3, 2012

Mobile Speech and Language Apps

Mobile Speech and Language Apps

Chatterboxes' Speech-Language Pathologists often integrate iPad applications into therapy sessions in order to target specific speech, languge and articulation or communication goals. Children often find the technology of the iPad apps to be extremely motivating. Many of the apps used in therapy sessions can be used at home as well for increased carryover of newly acquired skills!

Educational, speech & language based apps can transform the iPad into a language-learning tool, a augmentative communication device, a series of flashcards for articulation drills, or an interactive story book just to name a few!
Apps often used in our therapy sessions include:
Tips for Using your Device with Your Little One
More Recommended Speech, Language & Learning Apps:
  • Autism Apps - Free (clearinghouse listing of apps for Autism/communication)
  • Kiddie Countdown - Free - visual timer
  • DbVolmMeter - 99 cents- visual tool for increasing/decreasing vocal intensity during structured/unstructured practice activities.
  • Speech Tutor- 9.99- Can record and view spectrograph of clinician's vs. Pt's production. Great visual measure of progress & accuracy. Allows Pt. to view cross section or forward facing production of the sound.
  • Beginning sounds- 99 cents- Initial phoneme identification skills
  • Rhyming words - Free- Rhyming matches
  • Letter School- $2.99- Letter recognition (upper and lower case), phoneme-grapheme correspondence, & letter writing practice (in scaffold way).
  • Phonics Tic Tac Toe- Free- Phonological awareness activities
  • Toca Hair Salon- $1.99- Great for work with various language concepts, question forms, pronouns, feelings, etc. (Also see: Toca store & Toca Kitchen)
  • Fun With Directions HD- $9.99- Listening, following directions, memory, & basic concept comprehension.
  • My Play Home - $3.99- Interactive play surface including rooms of a house. Allows Pt. to move items around, make things happen, give directions/explanations, etc.
  • Toontastic- Free- Can use to create short stories, commercials, cartoons (great for social skills, storytelling, articulation & expressive language).
  • IThoughts HD- $9.99- A graphic organizer tool which targets curricular concepts, problem-solving, narrative mapping, etc. Maps can be printed/e-mailed.
  • Booksy - Free- Early literacy support.

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