Friday, August 24, 2012

Ideas for Practicing Spatial Concepts “In/On/Under”

Our speech-language pathologists often help children with the spatial concepts "in," "on," and "under." Here are ways to practice the words with your child at home:

1.) Clean Up: While cleaning up toys, put toys in, on, and under the box. Sing a modified version of the clean up song:

 “Clean up, clean up,
Everybody everywhere,
Clean up, clean up,
Put the (name of toy) in/on/under the box.”

You and your child can take turns telling each other where to put the toy. Then you can ask your child where the toy is. This can be a silly game since you are putting toys on and under the box when they are supposed to go in the box.

2.) Hide and Seek: take turns hiding your child’s favorite toys. Hide the toys in, on, and under various locations at home. Then find the toys and talk about where the toys were hidden. Also, you and your child can take turns hiding yourselves in, on, and under various places at home.

3.) Be silly: Whenever the opportunity arises in which an item (food, toy, garbage, etc.) is supposed to go in, on, or under, be silly and pretend that you are going to put it in the wrong place. For instance, when throwing away garbage, say that you are putting the garbage under the garbage can because that’s where it’s supposed to go. No! Where does it go? It goes in the garbage can!

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