Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Articulation Station for the iPad

Check out one of our favorite iPad apps for articulation therapy - Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech!

Here are some features of the app:

Flashcards - Flashcards, with high-quality images that children will enjoy, help target sounds. Children can tap the card if they don't remember the word, and the app can repeat the word to serve as auditory reinforcement.

Rotating sentences - These sentences are sentences that repeat, with only the target word changing. Each sentence has picture prompts and audio reinforcement.

Unique sentences - The unique sentences are new sentences for every target word in the application, which adds up to over 1,300 unique sentences. Each unique sentence has on average 3 words with the target sound in it. For example in the sentence, “Penny rode the pony in the park.” “Pony” is the target word but the initial p sound can also be practiced on “Penny” and “park.”

Level 1 stories -  Repetitive stories are paired with picture prompts and audio reinforcement. Each story has multiple target words which maximizes practice opportunities of the target sound in a story environment. At the end of each story there are comprehension questions which helps the child with spontaneous speech.

Level 2 stories - These stories are designed for more advanced readers. They are longer stories with larger vocabulary and provide even more opportunities to practice the target sound in a story environment.

Data collection - The data collection feature makes tracking your child's progress a breeze. You can sort scores based on date, sound and position, passed, or notes taken. You can also access specific session details and repeat words, sentences, or stories not passed in that session.

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